Father's Day

Martha Householter, LPC

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  What kind of feelings come up for you?  If you’re a dad, you may chuckle in anticipation of hand-made cards cut and pasted together with way too much glue by an adoring pre-schooler.  Or you may find yourself at the other end of the spectrum, struggling with regret about what you DIDN’T know way back when your children were young.  And then we all think about our own fathers.  Was yours there for you when you needed affection, affirmation and guidance?  Or will you struggle with the ongoing aftermath of never feeling known and loved by perhaps the most significant authority figure in your life?  Most of us can find some positive aspects of our relationship with Dad, while acknowledging that no earthly father could do a perfect job.

Whatever we have experienced in the world of fatherhood, we can be sure that it has impacted our perspective on Father God and His relationship to us.  Whether mostly positive or mostly negative, it’s a good idea to be aware of our own father’s impact and how it may have tainted our view of God.  Pastor Jack Hayford addresses those who have suffered damage by an authority relationship.  He writes, “There is only one resolution, and it’s found in having our relationship with Father God brought fully into completion…  Jesus came to show us the Father.”  Read more about finding the intimate, loving relationship that we were designed for at